Help with Listbox & TableListBox interaction

I’m not that well versed with ListBoxes and I have an odd situation that I need help with.

I have a window that allows a user to pick a preset file from disk. There’s a ListBox that shows the folder structure of the top level preset folder, and there’s also a TableListBox that shows the preset files in the currently chosen folder. When the user chooses a folder from the ListBox, I repopulate my TableListBox with the preset files in that particular folder. and then the user can then choose a cell/preset file. Simple enough.

But my issue is how to restore the page with the current preset & folder when opening the window…specifically the TableListBox that shows the presets. With the ListBox that shows the folder, I can just call selectRow() when showing the page and that indeed selects the folder and the TableListBox updates by showing the presets in that folder. But I can’t figure out a way to set the selected cell programmatically in the TableListBox after it’s been repopulated. Setting the selected preset TableListBox at the same time as when setting the selected folder ListBox doesn’t help because setting the first modifies the second.

Does this make sense? Maybe I’m missing something very obvious.