Hiding a Parameter

Hello everyone !
I’d like to hide a compnent (it’s inactive depending on the mode)
something like :

FrequencyStuff.setVisible(*vts.getRawParameterValue(“MIDIMODE”) == 0);

I don’t undersand where I’m supposed to use the setVisible() function
The contructor of the editor is called only once and the resize function don’t have access to the apvts

Probably basic stuff but I’m still struggling to understand the interaction with the editor and the global structure around the processor and editor

Thanks for your time !

We pass a reference to our apvts when constructing our editor, which uses its initialization list to initialize a member reference to the apvts, so it can always have access to it when needed. Since the processor is guaranteed to exist whenever the editor exists (but not the other way around), that lets us query parameters easily from the editor code at any time.