Holiday wishes~~


Hello, everyone. Long time did not come here.

Merry Christmas!

I’m still learning programming, “C language”, “Advanced Mathematics”, “Data Structures and Algorithms”, “UML”, “GOF design patterns”, “Object-oriented design thought”, “Project management and Software engineering”, “Operating System”,"Compiler Principle "and so on. Only a rough learning. Knowledge like the oceans, so vast, I feel scared and happy. Recent, carefully studying “data structure”, list, stack, queue, tree, binary tree, graph … etc… And rote a few new word every day, but my English is still poor. :frowning:

I resigned from all the work and alone to the another city, in a university attend a lecture, consulting the teachers after school time. Hard life, learning is also very difficult.

With the in-depth study, I more and more felt Jules and his JUCE class library is how amazing, is really a great project!

New year, I want to stick to it, step by step, to the dream forward.