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Good Day folks, firstly let me apologise I’m very much a new comer to programming, It’s something that’s sparked an interest since the first Lockdown and I’ve gruadually been teaching myself in-between work.

What I’m looking for is most likely an easy fix and I’d appreciate any responses (even snarky ones).

Within my Juce application I have a Main.cpp file and a MainComponent cpp file, I’m looking at getting a playlist item serialised when the application is closed, now the function call I see can go into closeButtonPressed() but I’m unsure how to hook a function that’s in MainComponent, juce should in theory have instantiated a version of MainComponent whereby I can then trigger my function, if I change the function to a static function I could then trigger what is needed but the serialised items is not accessible there.

Pardon my poor explanation and if needed I can try and explain better.

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The Projucer generates code like this to create the content component in the main window constructor, so the pointer to it isn’t cleanly accessible elsewhere :

setContentOwned (new MainContentComponent(), true);

You can change that to something like :

// add as a member variable of the MainWindow class :
// MainContentComponent* contentComponent = nullptr;

// in the constructor
setContentOwned (contentComponent = new MainContentComponent(), true);

That way, the content component becomes accessible for the other methods of the MainWindow class.

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@xenakios that’s brilliant, I’ve implemented it and it works beautifully.

Thank you!

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