Hopefuly a good feature request for Introjucer

I was doing some builds of my app, and mu builds take a lot of time since i’m using luabind witch uses boost, all those include files take loads of time for each cpp file compiled.
So i figured i’ll do an amalgamation but that took some time and each time i add files to my Introjucer project i’ll need to update it, so i was thinking maybe the amalgamator
could be added to the Introjucer as an exporter or something similar, since all the files are in the Introjucer project it’s not impossible i think.

Also would it be possible for the Introjucer to remember the state of the File view (witch nodes are open and closed) ?

thanks a lot for listening.

I’m going to get rid of the amalgamation stuff, so I won’t be adding that… TBH I’ve not seen any performance gains with an amalgamated file over just including the same cpp files directly (i.e. building from the template file that you would have used to do the amalgamation).

Remembering the open/closed tree state is something I’ve been meaning to do though!

well i never actualy tried compiling the template file, that could be a solution. i know that my project builds about 5 minutes when using separate files, when using one file it takes 30 seconds.

Also i noticed that it takes the longest to link the binary on Windows (the Generating Code stage) i takes a few minutes, the compilation itself is fast enough (i have a dual quad xeon and a OCZ RevoDriver).

Yes, definitely try just building the un-amalgamated file, it should give the same result, but be easier to debug and manage.