Horizontal [ViewModel]

Hi !
Would love to ask you for advice before i bind on any decisions of mine.

I need a [ViewModel] to arrange/display [ViewItems] horizontally. Both [TableBoxModel] [ListBoxModel] doesnt provide opposite presentation.
I’ve already searched the forum, but I’m getting “0 results” on that topic or rather i cant formulate question appropriately.

(…) By the way the search on this forum gives me hard times very often .

I would love to hear if someone achieved similar result with common use of JUCE provided models without hacking into its core, which I’m considering at the moment but not entirely sure if i should go for that.
Is there any “vanilla way” of getting horizontal view model representation ?

The ListBox is certainly biased towards verticality.

One idea that may work, depending on your use-case, would be to apply a 90 degree rotation to it with Component::setTransform ?

Hi Jules !
Funny, It didnt cross my mind. And i believe it will suit this situation pretty well.
Thank you Jules

I created my own horizontal ListBox using ViewPort… but after implementing it we decided to not use it because after in-house testing feedback was mixed. It was fairly simple to implement though.

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Hi Rail !
you had the same question back then, im sorry i could not find anything yesterday.
Happy that there are few convenient solutions.
thanks for suggestion and linking it here Rail