Host - Have I missed something? WIP? - semi-noob question

(I’ve been away)

I’m pretty sure the old Audio (Vst)Host produced audible MIDI output (i.e. if a plugin generated MIDI and the plugin’s MIDI Out-“ear”/line wasn’t connected, then MIDI would be sent to the configured MIDI out port)
I can’t seem to get the same behaviour from the latest build. Though plugin-to-plugin MIDI works, I can’t hear MIDI output from my sound card for the “last” MIDI generating plugin in a chain.

Any suggestions? - I’ve configured the MIDI out, and tried to debug my way around (to try to discover when defaultMIDI output is used) - but I’m at a loss

(1) Question geared towards Windows XP/VST behaviour - but may be the case on other platforms

(2) I’ve not noticed any comments on the forum about MIDI output (lots about MIDI in) from the host, so please forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere.

I think this is because I rewrote it to use AudioProcessor graphs, but never added midi-out to the AudioProcessorPlayer class. Haven’t time to look at it right now, but it’s probably not too hard to add.

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