Hosted plugin always have maximum channel configuration (cpu-waste)

If you open a plugin in the Plugin-Host (also in Tracktion!!) the plugins always have the maximum number of IO/Channels. So if a surround-plugin will be used in a stereo-track, more than the half of CPU-Power is wasted (if the plugin has no special detection of zero-channels)

In other hosts (Cubase/Logic) plugins will be opened with  number of channels which will be actually used.

I think its necessary to redesign createInstanceFromDescription, to also give the number of preferred I/O Channels to use.

( I now you can change the number of I/O channels of an AudioProcessor with setPlayConfigDetails(), but it in a plugin Host context it makes more sense to set this  createInstanceFromDescription, because it nows the maximum channels that can used )






Funnily enough we were just discussing how this works in tracktion a couple of hours ago. Agreed, it's something that needs looking at, just need to fit it in with other priorities.