Hosting Waves (kPlugCategShell) Plugins?

Just wondering if JUCE’s hosting code handles Waves plugins. I don’t have any to test, but an user just told me that my host won’t scan Waves plugins. :frowning:

I have read this, but doesn’t seem to help me much when it comes to JUCE’s hosting code…

Please, any ideas? :wink: Thanks!

Cheers, WilliamK

Yes it does.

The JUCE scanner though may not scan them properly if any of them cause the scanner to fail… I’ve modified our local copy of JUCE to fix that.

We ran into the issue where the user had an old version of one of the Waves plugins installed along with some newer ones.

You can use a Waves demo plugin for testing.


Edit: found it :wink:

Found a problem. All the Waves Effects plugins are set to mono, even the Stereo ones. If I compile and load with the Audio Host it loads all them as mono. If I load on Reaper, they will load correctly when they are Stereo. Any idea on why?

Should this be reported as a BUG or am I missing something?

That is probably the PluginDemoHost’s fault. Plugins have a default channel layout, and usually after initialisation the host negotiates a suitable layout to match the track it is inserted into. This happens by calling isLayoutSupported() with the required layouts.

I assume, since the PluginDemoHost has no notion of tracks, it shows only the default layout.

But I haven’t dived into the sources to verify.

Indeed. And in my code I made a mistake of testing only inputs/outputs reported by the plugin. So it only checks for 1/1 every time. Now I added +1 so it also checks for stereo and it works. And should be compatible with other plugins. Just need to fix a few things out. :wink: I didn’t know this is how it works. Sorry again. Still learning after so many decades… :-o