HostType Digital Performer Scanners

Not sure if you want to add them or not… but on MacOS these are the values for the VST and AU scanners:

hostPath: /Applications/Digital VST Support.bundle/Contents/MacOS/

hostFilename: MOTU_VST_Examiner64

hostPath: /Applications/Digital AudioUnit Support.bundle/Contents/MacOS/

hostFilename: MOTU_AU_Examiner64

In the bundle are also the 32 bit versions: MOTU_VST_Examiner32 and MOTU_AU_Examiner32


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Is Digital Performer is still correctly detected?

The Host is correctly detected… but not the Scanners… they show up as Unknown


Do you know if it’s the same situation on Windows?

I can check… will get back to you.


C:\Program Files\MOTU\Digital Performer 9.1\PlugIns\MAS\MOTU_VST_Examiner.exe


C:\Program Files (x86)\MOTU\Digital Performer 9.1\PlugIns\MAS\MOTU_VST_Examiner.exe


Thank you very much.

A fix to include the scanners will appear on the develop branch shortly.