How are people using the Projucer Live build features?. When Xcode, When Projucer?

Bearing in mind - unless I’m mistaken - when running a project from with in PRODUCER one can’t use breakpoints - is the live build and JIT feature just for tweaking window GUIs and components - and then reverting back to say Xcode for the bread and butter of testing ?

I’d like to use Producer to create and modify my GUI.
currently i get JIT process crashing when i try to run my app in Projucer so guess i have to have a separate much-cut-down version of my project just to do the GUI tweaking and then incorporate the result once happy into an Xcode build ?

Is anyone using Xcode and JUCE using PRODUCER in anger effectively in their commercial projects ?

Here’s a video from ADC showing some Projucer GUI workflows:

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I recently started a new project, and used Projucer very effectively to help build the GUI according to a client’s design. Inspired by the video linked above, it was a good opportunity to create a “dumb” view layer who’s job is only to display the state of the app.
I used Projucer to build and tweak the layout/colours etc, and Xcode to make sure the whole app runs properly together.

Note that if you intend to use anything from std::functional then you’re out of luck as it will currently crash the live build engine.

Also, I highly recommend learning the FlexBox classes!

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