How are/were juce Modules developed?

I’ve often wondered how are they developed. The typical workflow with JUCE projects is to include the modules into your project. However, in XCode that means that the source code for the modules don’t appear in the source tree directly. They’re in an included folder. This also means that in ProJucer (or the introjucer if we’re thinking pre-4.x versions) your module source code won’t appear in the project for you to edit with the code editor (or test with ProJucer’s Live Build). So, how did you guys go about developing the modules? Is there some xcode/Visual Studio project that has them as the actual source?

I’ve often wondered the process for when I write my own. Usually I’ll create a stand-alone JUCE project and develop my modules as regular source code in the project, and then when the project is finished, I’ll move them into my Juce Modules folder and add them to the modules file so I can use them alongside the regular juce modules.

About 95% of the code I write with JUCE is written as modules (i.e. as potentially re-usable code not tied specifically to one project), and I haven’t found it to be inconvenient.

My workflow is that I work entirely in IDE (read: I never use the live build engine), and edit my module code directly in IDE via the referenced files. I’m not quite sure what you mean by “They’re in an included folder”, as I can see them just fine as source groups in Visual Studio (haven’t checked Xcode recently).

Whenever I need to add/remove a file, I quit my IDE, do my changes of actually adding/removing the file from disk and from the module header(s), then re-export from ProJucer and continue working (it’s not nearly as slow/nasty as it sounds).

Same here, I find my code in Juce_Modules, next to the original juce modules. CMD+click on a symbol brings me always to the right place. I don’t know, why it doesn’t work for you.

I use “Use global path”: yes; “Create local copy”: no; “Add source to project”: yes.

Even better, I leave XCode and the projucer open. When I need a new file, I use touch in the terminal, click “Save and open in IDE” and have the new file instantly available in XCode.

I am partially asking if any of the head honchos use the Projucer Live Compiler to edit any of the modules. I use it pretty regularly when I am designing something graphical, like a customized button skin being drawn entirely via a paint routine. When i’m done with the design, i’ll turn it into a module. Obviously it has been years since they developed the LookAndFeel idea, but i’m trying to think if there are any newer modules/classes in the juce API that they might have developed with help from the Projucer Live Compile.

I’m starting using modules, although my library is also available as a full standalone.

We certainly use the live compiler a lot here at ROLI for GUI development, but I don’t think it really makes any difference whether the code you’re working on is in a module or not. The live compiler certainly doesn’t care about which files are from modules, it just compiles whatever gets thrown at it.

no, i’m asking about how you guys go about editing them alongside, because you can’t use any of the live editor features in ProJucer with code that is not in the project source tree. None of those Sliders for changing ints/floats in realtime or the color selector things…