How can I change StandaloneApp's .settings directory?

I’m making a simple standalone app.
I want to use a custom directory for the .settings file.

For now it is stored in…(I’m developing on Windows)
I want it to be stored in…

Have a look at the PropertiesFile::Options struct. When you create a PropertiesFile, you usually hand over a pre-populated options instance, so you can decide, where your file should be created/read from.

The same struct you will find in ApplicationProperties::setStorageParameters()

Thanks for your answer!
Yes, I have seen PropertiesFile::Options. But things are little difficult for me.
I’ve created the project from “Audio Plug-in”, because I want vst version and standalone version.
I have to get StandaloneFilterApp’s ApplicationProperties instance from PluginProcessor.cpp, etc, and renew it.(correct?)
I’ve tried but can’t find any solution… How can I access to the attribute?

Here is a post with a workable solution, but I agree with the author @richie, that there should be a better solution:

That makes sense. And I also totally agree with @richie.