How can i draw an image on screen?

So i was trying to make a gain vst and it worked out great. Then i decided to try to add som astetics. I made some pictures i was going to print but then i realized i don’t know how to draw images. And i can’t find a tutorial on it either. Can someone help me?

Take a look at ImageCache and Graphics::drawImage()

I’ve read it, but i don’t fully understand it. Can you give me an example? Especialy the ImageCache i don’t understand. @Achder

 imageKnob = ImageCache::getFromMemory(BinaryData::knob_png, BinaryData::knob_pngSize);

paint method:
  g.drawImage(imageKnob, 0, 0, button.getWidth(),button.getHeight(), 0, 0, imageKnob.getWidth(), imageKnob.getWidth());
Image imageKnob;

from the paint method i get this error: Use of undeclared identifier ‘BinaryData’

with this sample code you need to include the image in the binary by the projucer.
my GitHub sample code


Thanks for the awnser. It’s much apreciated!