How can I reach these codes?

Hi , I noticed that when i run my plugin in debug mode in VS2019 , I can see this section.

I want to implement the same thing in my plug in.
juce 2

How can I reach these codes?Is it possible ? I want to add them into my plug in.

The plugin builds don’t have access to those things. What exactly are you trying to do?

Excatly the same actually :confused: “save current state”, "load a saved state “and reset to default state” . I want to have these options in my plug in. In tutorial I see that xml files are used to store the states. But is this doing the same or is this doing something else to save and load these presets? I want to have the exactly the same menu in my plug in. When users press the save button. A “save as” window should appear and let users to type the and select the folder. I don’t want to save it over DAW. I want to have my own menu in my plugin. I can create a folder and a button and then save different xml files to store different presets and load them. But I couldn’t create something like this. Is there a tutorial or an example or anything that can help me to create this save as & load menu? Thank you for your answer :pray:

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If you look in the header located at ‘JUCE/modules/audio_plugin_client/Standalone/juce_StandaloneFilterWindow.h’, you’ll see the StandaloneFilterWindow class (line 574 for me). It creates the menu whenever the options button is clicked, so you can look at the body of its buttonClicked (Button*) method to see how the menu is built. As far as implementing the functionality goes, you can look at the FileChooser class to figure out how to prompt the user for a folder destination, and you can use the audio plug-in state tutorial for saving/loading the presets, you’ll just want to save/load using a file instead of a memory block (looking at the XmlElement docs will help you there).

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Thank you very much :pray:
I will check it . Can you please take a look at this post. I put my code there. It was working with memory block . Now with XmlElement i have an issue about the name. I assume that i am using the right way to do it .But i really need someone who can really help me with it :pray: