How can I use the WASAPI device

I’m looking for a way to implement loopback recording functionality if possible. at the moment I can’t even see if it’s possible to use that device since it’s not shown in the list.

Currently available to selec in Audio Settings:
Audio Device driver (with exclusive and low latency versions) and DirectSound.

It is not a problem with my system since in Audacity, in addition to Directsound, MME and WASAPI are available, with which it is possible to capture everything that is in the output.

In the module of juce_audio_devices of Projucer, WASAPI it is marked as Enable. Should I carry out any other procedure or add any code?

It doesn’t look like JUCE supports the WASAPI capture device mode which would allow you to record/capture what is playing elsewhere on the system. (Support for that doesn’t come “free” when implementing WASAPI, it needs to be programmed in separately.)

How can I use WASAPI to record or play normally?, or how can I make the device list to select it?

I would guess the “(Windows) Audio Device driver” you see in the list is the normal WASAPI device. I am not at the Windows computer at the moment, so I can’t right now check what I see there myself.

so i have nothing to do