How can know classes for particular applicaion

Hello Friends,
Actually i am developing audio plugins and try to find some examples which i can use.But i found that some of them are developed for stand-alone application means project type is difference.
So, is there any way by which we can know that which classes can use for audio plugins. So, it will save our time to test other classes.

Mhm, most of the classes can be used for both, standalone applications and plugins, so there is no clear answer to that question.

Obviously there are some classes that won’t make much sense in the one or other type e.g. you won’t need something like an AudioDeviceManager in you plugin as your host already manages your audio devices, neither will you need the ApplicationBase class in your plugin as you don’t start your own application in a plugin. On the other hand, nearly all contents of the audio_plugin_client module are of course only relevant to plugins and don’t make that much sense in the context of a standalone application…

Maybe you could give an example of classes that you are unsure about?