How do I create a "stencil" component?

What’s the best way to create a stencil component in JUCE such that the component has an opaque background and anything drawn is displayed as transparent “holes” through which any content behind the component is shown. Like a stencil.

I tried something like the following:

Image image(Image::ARGB, w, h, false);
Graphics g(image);
DrawableImage drawable;
drawable.replaceColour(Colours::white, Colours::transparentBlack);


  1. the replaceColour() doesn’t work
  2. presumably even if it did work, I’d just end up with a red background and not a stencil of elements drawn with drawStuff()

So I’m guessing this is the wrong approach…

Not 100% what you mean, but probably a job for some clip regions with Graphics::reduceClipRegion

OK, I can kind of achieve what I want with:

RectangleList<int> mask;
image.createSolidAreaMask(mask, 0.01);
for (auto rect : mask)

Are there any disadvantages to using a RectangleList mask in this way?

Well, it’s insanely inefficient!
If you really need to use an image then it’d be better to invert the image’s alpha and clip to the image in one step.

I don’t need to use an image, if the same outcome can be achieved in better way, I’d rather use that.


invert the image’s alpha and clip to the image in one step

How do I invert the image’s alpha? This sounds like the critical ingredient I’m missing here.

Masking with a path would be better than using an image, if you can.

Inverting the alpha channel would involve using Image::BitmapData and messing with each pixel’s alpha channel