How do I export and launch a code::blocks project from the Projucer?

Previously when working with Visual Studio integration is very good. I just click the button and it loads the IDE with the project ready to go.

I’ve had to abandon VS though because it’s so slow as to be unusable. I’ve decided to try a more lightweight editor and Code::Blocks is the only option for JUCE.

Sadly the launch button is greyed out and I don’t know what to do next.

I open an example into Projucer. Add a code::blocks exporter, but the button is greyed out.

How do I get Projucer to launch the project with code::blocks?

You should find the project file in the build folder of your saved juce project folder.

The problem is the code::blocks button in the Projucer is greyed out so I can’t click it. I am not able to load the project because Projucer won’t create it. I want to know how to get the Projucer to create a code::blocks project.

Please ignore this button. It doesn’t work for code::blocks. The *. Cbp file is in the Builds folder of the project.

Save Project from the file menu will create the project files, but you will need to load it manually into code::blocks

OK thanks. That definitely helped. I was able to save the project and reload it in code::blocks. I have to say compiler/IDE integration is pretty good with JUCE. It does a lot of the hard work and doesn’t throw up anywhere near the number of problems I’m used to having to deal with when setting up a tool chain for the first time.

Anyway, I thought I’d just dip straight in and compile. It threw a number of warnings about MinGW (I’m compiling on GGC). After throwing three warnings (which is pretty good IMO) it failed with one error “icon file ‘icon.ico’ doesn’t contain icon data”.

My test project is “OpenGLDemo” from the GUI examples.

Know a fix for this?

I’m not sure about that particular icon issue, but AFAIK CodeBlocks isn’t used or tested nearly as much as other exporters, so you may run into some issues, and if you do there won’t be as much info available to help.

I know you said you had to abandon Visual Studio for being too heavy, but if you didn’t try tweaking the options for better performance I would recommend doing that before switching to CodeBlocks. Things like disabling the source control plug-in can make a pretty big difference.

If you can’t get the full IDE to work smoothly, another option would be to download just the CLI tools. This way you can still compile using a well-supported toolchain, but you can use whatever lightweight editor you want. I know some folks have successfully set up a decent workflow using VSCode with the CLI tools, so that may be an option for you.