How do I get breakpoints to fire in VST3SDK with Xcode?

Apologies for the basic question, but how do I get breakpoints to fire in methods within the VST3SDK when debugging a JUCE application in Xcode…?

I saw a related question here but the linked solution doesn’t work for me.

For example if I set a breakpoint in EditController:setParamNormalized() in the VST SDK from the AudioPluginHost Xcode project, then load a plugin and then drag a slider in the “All parameters” panel for a plugin, the breakpoint never gets hit even though the method is called.

Not sure about Xcode, but in CLion the VST3 target has to be selected, not the shared code target. Maybe it‘s the same in Xcode?

Ah… I think I’m being a bit dense here…

I’m trying to debug from the host side, but VST methods such as EditController:setParamNormalized() aren’t implemented in the host but in the plugin, so I don’t think what I’m trying to do is actually possible.