How do I get image pixels?

If set the image to RectanglePlacement::xMid. The picture will change.
How do I get the pixels of the changed image?

How do I know the new bounds of the picture?
This will affect the display in ios or android

It seems you’re asking very different questions: are you looking for the bounds of a “placed” image resulting from a RectanglePlacement, or to manipulate the image’s pixels? Aside from that - we need more context: what are you trying to do?

Assuming you’re just looking for the resulting bounds, you would know that in advance when using RectanglePlacement::appliedTo: the second parameter is the destination bounds.

If you’re using an ImageComponent, you can call getImagePlacement and use appliedTo in your parent component’s resized method to get all of the details you need regarding bounds.

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hi jrlanglois:
i using an ImageComponent, call getImagePlacement and use appliedTo.
Solved my problem, thank you very much!