How do I make a VST Scanner?

Tried to use Steinberg’s SDK but it was too hard. I basically want to make a VST3 compatible scanner application (not library) like the one used in the AudioPluginHost example but it should support VST2.x as well as VST1 and LADSPA. I need only basic things like plugin name, manufacturer, uid, plugin format, bit-size (32/64), category, generator/synth/effect, manufacturer-url(if available) etc. and make a table listing all these. PluginListComponent seems to handle all these things but I need an example atleast. Also I am not going to probably use PluginListComponent because I need to add a few more buttons for other actions also. Is it possible to create an XML from the data generated by PluginListComponent? Maybe I could use CustomScanner class as well. Also is there no Plugin class which just stores the above named properties of a single plugin in it?