How do you change your email address?

I no longer use the email associated with my account, so I’d like to change it to my current email.
There is a message about changing with my SSO (what is this?).

The only post I can find related is from 3 years ago How can I change email used for my forum account?

@ed95 I thought I’d ping you here as you appear on the other one.


Click on ‘Account’ in the banner on the top of the page, then click on ‘Profile’.

Hi tom,

What’s the current a way to change the email?
I see my email in preferences->account, but I can’t change it. It says "Email can be updated from authentication provider. "

can I also change my email attached to my license/projucer?

You can do both by following the instructions in my previous post. ‘Account’ is in the banner at the top of the page, not in the forum preferences.

oh! not sure how I missed that :flushed:

Don’t worry - you’re not the only one to be confused by that!