How does Fruity Dancer keep an animation displayed even when the plugin editor is closed?

If you aren’t familiar with Fruity Dancer, it’s a fun plugin inside of FL that ads a little dancing avatar to your screen that can sync to your music. But the thing I think is interesting about Fruity Dancer is that when you close the plugin editor, and even change windows from FL, the Fruity Dancer animation is still displayed on your screen. I think functionality like this could be pretty useful/cool for other plugins, but I’m not even sure how it would be done. Any thoughts?

Maybe it’s because it’s using a custom plugin format (i.e. internal) made specifically for FL Studio? I believe the same goes for internal plugins in other DAWs.

Yeah that’s my initial thought as well, but the only reason I thought it might not be is that if I minimize the FL Window and go into chrome, Fruity Dancer will still be displayed on my screen.

I know in the DemoRunner, in the Windows Demo it does display a transparent window with no title bar, so maybe this would in sort of the right direction.