How does one obtain JUCECompileEngine.dll?


I am new to using JUCE, although I had installed an earlier version years ago.

Right now, I have JUCE installed on a Debian / Jessie and a Windows 7 machine, and I am most interested in the Windows 7 machine for the moment, because Windows support is supposed to allow for the file JUCECompileEngine.dll to be used.

On this machine I have Visual Studio 2015 up and running, and am able to build the Solutions which JUCE exports.

Naturally, one of the first things I did on this machine, was to open the Projucer project, from within the pre-built Projucer.exe project manager, and then to rebuild Projucer.exe natively, using VS 2015.

I am glad to see that the build worked, and having backed up the original Projucer.exe, am now using the .exe that VS 2005 built for me. At the very least, I can be sure that this is giving me the latest, 64-bit binary.

But one file I cannot find high or low, is JUCECompileEngine.dll .

How may I obtain that, or do I need the Pro license to download it?

Thank you in advance,

The JUCECompileEngine.dll is not available at the moment for Windows. If your on mac you need to download juce via the juce homepage (“Get JUCE” button at the top of this page).

Thank you for the information.

That way I can stop looking. :slight_smile: