How easy is this TCP app?

I want to connect an iPhone/iPad app to a home wifi then as a client via IP and port of a module I made that is set up in TCP server mode. Then there are 50 or so values I want to read back from the module, ranging from 8, 16, to 32 bit values. Then you can click on any of the values and change the value and hit SEND to send a packet back to the module to update the value. In some modes a some values will need to be read back in real time about 4 times per second to show certain states. The packets sent out are very simple. Example 1f00010100DE will ping the device to receive back and ACK in the same format. The ACK opcode coming back is FF and should display ACK success. It should check for bad checksum on incoming data which is simple math.

Is this a project for a beginner Juce person? The goal is to put the app on the App Store for my clients to use to debug and program settings in my systems. So they can simply hit App Store search, download and enter ip and port and instantly get 50 store values and set values. I have the exact system working in Xojo so all the details are worked out.