How much is JUCE contributing to new C++ standards?

Does JUCE/Jules/Roli have a seat at the table during these discussions? Any thoughts on the process? Just curious.

I know JUCE is moving away from old containers for the newer std:: equivalents. How do you all (aka the JUCE team) think you’re influencing the future of C++? Does that change the roadmap of the JUCE library itself?

We don’t really have time to get deeply involved ourselves, but we do have friends on the committee! (Timur, who worked on the JUCE team for a long time is an active member, and we know other people on there too)

The main factor that affects what we do with JUCE isn’t really the standard, but the version of C++ that most coders are actively using. We’d love to be only working with the very latest features and std library, but can’t do that if none of our users would be able to use the code we write!

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