How systems (Win and OSX) use "shift" key when mouse wheel scroll?

on my OSX (Monterey) I found out that “shift” key changes not only direction of mouse wheel move to horizontal but also changes the precision of wheel “delta”.

I mean that inside of juce::NSViewComponentPeer::redirectMouseWheel()
without “shift” key down, for single wheel move I get:
(float) [ev deltaY] equal 0.100006104, and
(float) [ev deltaX] equal 0 (zero).

But with “shift” key down for single wheel move I get:
(float) [ev deltaY] equal 0 (zero), and
(float) [ev deltaX] equal 1. So it’s about 10 times bigger than 0.100006104.

Now I would kindly ask for help to find the answer for several questions and doubts:

  1. Is changing direction standard for Windows ans OSX (I have no option to check it now). Or it is only OSX feature, or maybe only feature of my mouse.
  2. The second question is the same as first but concern to changing precision of wheel delta. Is it only feature of OSX, or only feature of my mouse, or maybe this behaviour is the same always.

I found out also that changing direction with “shift” doesn’t happen for scrolling with Macbook trackpad. I am not sure what about precision because at all trackpad scrolling behaves different than mouse scrolling, and I am not sure how to verify if precision is changed with “shift” down for track pad scrolling.

For any help great thanks in advance.

Doesn’t seem to be specific to your mouse, I have a cheapo-Dell USB mouse and holding the shift key whilst using the wheel changes it to horizontal scrolling. I never knew about this macOS feature and it’s actually damned useful!

Afraid can’t say anything about Windows at the moment, if I remember to check next time I boot into Windows will try it out (but hopefully someone who uses Windows already can check before).

edit: I’ve been informed by a Windows user that this shift-to-scroll-horizontally is also a feature there