How to access input devices in console program?

Hello, I am would-be SW engineer.

I have wanted make console program which can confirm input value from ASIO device like AudioLiveScrollingDisplay in JuceDemo Application.

I confirmed the input wave in JuceDemo, then I tried to print devices and set device to AudioDeviceManager.

But it cannot works, and just print output devices.

And, in debug mode, it usually occur error with comment "You haven't called coInitialize for the current thread!"

I tried to fix them in 3days, but I couldn't. Orz

So, I want to find solution with this problem with your advice like some explanation or document or URL link etc...

I want to find some ways to set and control AudioDeviceManager with specific input device, to solve coinitialize problem.

I will attach my source files and some captures of apps which input device in JuceDemo,

and result my console app which can print only output device.


Thanks for your reading my text though my poor english.