How to add to the Dock or Application menu?

I’ve just started using the system tray component for my application on Windows, and that works great. It was easy to program, and works like a dream. Now, I’d like the Mac side to do something similar.

Idea #1: The dock is a bit like the system tray. It’s a handy place for users to find my application’s icon, and a right click shows a menu of things they could do with the application. Is there a way to modifiy this menu in juce so other functionality could be added, as the system tray does on windows, or iTunes does on the mac?

Idea #2: If I can’t change the menu in the dock, how about a global application menu (rather than a menu at the top of each window) that would allow the user to open one of two types of windows, or handle global settings without opening a window.

I’m simply trying to separate out device settings from the main GUI, so the user has quick access to changing sample rate, for instance, without having to open a full GUI window. Any other ideas?

No bites?

OK, I’ll follow up my own post after doing some research:

The dock menu is really called the Dock Tile menu. Items can be manipulated using GetApplicationDockTileMenu() and SetApplicationDockTileMenu().

Events from the dock tile menu can be handled in juce_mac_messaging::AppEventHandlerProc() by handling a kEventClassApplication event (which is already handled!) with an event kind of kEventAppGetDockTileMenu

If I could add menu items to this menu, and handle them in my dock, I could allow users to change hardware settings without opening up my full interface, just like system tray menus can do on windows.

I see that not even tracktion has more than a single menu item in the menu bar. What’s the reasoning behind this design decision?

It’s not a design decision, I’ve just never written a wrapper for the dock icon management stuff…