How to build an audio application?

Hi, is there anyone who can help me to build an audio application? I would like to build an audio mastering tool which its only task is to perform a mastering method which i have elaborated for myself few years ago and still i am using it.

I even asked Julian but he is very busy, so i took his suggestion to ask here.

My knowledges of programming languages are very basis (jscript, vbscript), … i mean, i love programming, and if i have time i will dedicate myself to study the C++ (i have already few good books on this matter), but the idea to deal with the audio like a good software does or with the problematics that a computer has even itself, really blows me off.

So, any advice or suggestion would be really appreciated and also i am willing to contract a good programmer who can build it for me, that’s why i asked Julian.

Lots of thanks.

If you found some great simple idea, try to explain it.
If you think you found some great new method, you could write a paper a about it and publish it.
If it is about usage, write a software specification.
If there is something really interesting, then probably some coder will to implement it and make it open source.

If you are rich, you can also buy it, but you will have to explain it clearly anyway.

Otherwise, try and learn.

ok, i’ll try and learn.
The method is explained here, but it is in italian since my english is not so advanced.

Thanks for the advices.