How to change mouse dragged Component once the dragging has started?

Is there any way to change the mouse dragged Component, while dragging?

I’m trying to implement similar feature, which most DAW software has:
You have an audio clip.
You paint part of the audio clip.
You grab the painted part with a mouse and start dragging.
The audio clip is now split into several new smaller clips: the painted part and the rest of the clip.
The new painted/split part should be the one that gets dragged with mouse. Not the original larger clip.

How do I implement this? The splitting of the audio clip should happen after the dragging has been started. I.e. the mouse drag already has the original Component attached to the drag feature by Juce. I should be able to change that Component on the fly?

Argh, never mind. It’s the DragAndDropContainer that’s being used and obviously it has all the required methods in it.