How to convert AudioBuffer<float> to correct PCM 16-bit integer

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As per subject, we would like to know if there is a way to convert AudioBuffer parameter passed to the processBlock() method of the AudioProcess class (assuming that we do that via another thread) into PCM 16bitInt stream.

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Well the conversion itself is just a multiplication followed by proper integer rounding. The AudioData class has some handy functions to do that, have a look at the example code in the AudioData::Pointer docs. Not sure what you mean by

Or how the conversion operation itself should be dependent on the thread you run it on :thinking:

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When I said “via another thread”, I was actually referring to another protocol – say sendFrame() and receiveFrame() calls from a websocket connection. Anyway, thanks for the tip – I actually had taken a look into that class previously but I guess I would need to put more attention to it now. Thanks again!

Alright, if you want to send/receive the samples from another thread you might also want to have a look at lock free queues in order to implement the communication thread safe and lock free (which is important for realtime audio)

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Will do, thanks!