How to create Bitmap rotary Dials and Animated components?


I’m Just a beginner on the Juce platfom and have a few questions.

  1. How do I go about creating bitmap type rotary dial such as in Synthedit?

  2. Is it possible for example to replace the buttons or sliders with bitmap graphics?

  3. How can I create animated bitmaped GUI components e.g. I like to create a valve or a tube that changes frames acording to the input?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there

I’ve not got anything to do a bitmap slider automatically, but you’re not the first person to ask. It’s not hard to do though - you’d have to create a custom look and feel for your slider control, and use that to render the appropriate image. For buttons there’s already an ImageButton class.

And if it’s a completely custom animated component, you’d just draw the images in its paint() method.

Thanks Jules,

Would it be possible for you to supply these components in Jucer as many people are asking for them.

Especialy a bitmaped rotary dial and an animated bitmap, Thanks.

Will consider it if I have time…