How to deploy thirdparty shared libraries in apk?

Hi all,
I link my Juce application on android with a third party shared library (.so).
I have added the library names 'External Libraries to link" and the build runs fine on Android Studio.
However, the APK does not contain the .so that my application needs.
I managed to make it work by adding in sourceSets section of the gradle file

main.jniLibs.srcDirs += [“…/…/…/Android/ThirdParty”]
(ThirdPartyDir being the directory containing the shared library files)

Obviously, I have to add this line each time I run the projucer.

Did I miss something ? Is there any field in the Projucer that I can use to copy my third party files ?

Thanks for your help,

You didn’t miss anything, Projucer doesn’t have any packaging features.