How to disable high resolution capability of a vst plugin on Mac OS X?

Hi, I just made a VST plugin project on Windows, which is a simple EQ effect. It's GUI uses a lot of PNG files,

and the GUI rendering is good on Windows, but when I build my project for OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10),

the GUI rendering becomes very very slow.

So I make it stand-alone and change "high resolution capable" in "info.plist" to "NO", 

open it, everything works just fine, so I decide to just disable high resolution capable.

But when I switch it to build the VST plugin format,

I found that I can't change "high resolution capable" to "NO" because it follow the DAWs “info.plist".

If the DAW is high resolution capable, the GUI rendering of my plugin will be high resolution capable and become sooooo slow.

so…… How to disable high resolution capability of a VST plugin on OS X?  Is there a work-around?

Apologies for any misunderstanding, English is not my first language. :)


You could try to enable repaint debugging to look if there are unneccessary repaints and or use the xcode profiler to measure whats actually causing the high cpu load.