How to do a simple low pass filter with Tracktion?

I’m developing a VST plugin in JUCE and am trying to use Tracktion for some of the effect processing, most notably EQ bands and Pitch Shifting since those are not available in JUCE.

But to figure out how to use it, I’m starting by trying to make a Tracktion low pass filter. I created the traction engine object successfully, but I can’t get any further than that. All the tutorials I find are for transport controls, which is irrelevant to what I’m doing. And looking through the engine’s included tutorials doesn’t seem to line up with what I’m trying to do either.

So after I make the engine object, what are the steps to make a low pass filter? I tried creating a low pass object with this:
tracktion_engine::LowPassPlugin lowPass

but even that is not working. It requires an initializer for PluginCreationInfo, which I cannot seem to understand. I just want to be able to put a simple low pass on my audio. I’ve been learning juce for a year and feel I have a good grasp on how to make it work, but Tracktion is leaving me stumped. Any suggestions on how to do this?

Try this (untested):

        if (auto lp = (edit.getPluginCache().createNewPlugin (te::LowPassPlugin::xmlTypeName, {}).get()))
            if (auto t = EngineHelpers::getOrInsertAudioTrackAt (edit, 0))
                t->pluginList.insertPlugin (*lp, 0, nullptr);