How to extract filename from response-content-disposition parameter? (Url.downloadToFile)

Hi all,

I’m having an issue saving files that I’m downloading from Amazon S3. On S3, files are stored at random URLs (e.g. The original names of these files are available in the response-content-disposition parameter of the HTTP request.

So, essentially, I have a URL that looks like this:

URL url("*%3DUTF-8%27%27AMS-NL2-9.9.flac&response-content-type=audio%2Fflac");

… and I want to save the contents to a file named AMS-NL2-9.9.flac.

I know I can extract the response-content-disposition with url.getParameterValues(). The extracted parameter value looks like this

inline; filename="AMS-NL2-9.9.flac"; filename*=UTF-8''AMS-NL2-9.9.flac

My question is: how do I get the filename ( AMS-NL2-9.9.flac ) out of this parameter value? Does anyone know a reliable method to extract the filename from the string above? Does JUCE have a built-in function to do this? Or would I be better off writing my own Regexp, or looking in another library, like Boost? Any advice is most welcome.



I think StringArray::fromTokens() should get you started:

auto pairs = StringArray::fromTokens (url.getParameterValues(), ";", "\"");
for (auto& p : pairs)
    if (p.startsWith ("filename="))
        return p.substring (9);

Does that work?
Probably there is some more refinement, like getting rid of quotes around the filename etc…

This looks very promising - I didn’t know about JUCE’s StringArray::fromTokens. Thanks!