How to find the default font?

I have a class that inherits from GroupComponent. I want to calculate some positions within that component, but to do so correctly, I need to know the height of the default font.

How do I find the “default” font used by JUCE?

[]In LookAndFeel, I see several ways of getting some fonts, but none for GroupComponent or Component.
]In Font, I see getDefaultSansSerifFontName()
[*]Again in Font, I see getDefaultSerifFontName()

Should I be calling one of these to figure out the default font, or is there a better way?

…in other news, I cannot figure out how to make a bullet list on the forum…! :slight_smile:

I think I figured it out. Couldn’t be simpler…I just happened to have missed it originally. The default constructor for Font seems to give me what I need.

Font f; int height = f.getHeight();