How to find the supported Glyphs for a Typeface?

How to find the list of glyphs supported for a Typeface?

I don’t find any methods in Typeface

And, How to force the Typeface to load all the Glyphs instead of loading later…

There’s no method because I don’t think it was possible to find that out on the mac. On windows it can be done though, I’m sure I wrote a method for it somewhere if you hunt around…

In function initialiseTypefaceCharacteristics() in Typeface, i set loadAllGlyphs flag to true. It is loading 65501 glyph for all typefaces, but if i see the glyphs supported in charmap in windows it is showing only some few hunderds of glyphs. I checked the supported glyphs by giving charmap in run command.

I don’t quite understand - what does charmap do?

charmap is to find all the Glyphs supported for a Typeface.
My requirement is to show all the glyphs supported for a Typeface in a dialog.
If you have windows, type charmap in Run Dialog. It will bring up a dialog which shows all the Typefaces and Glyphs supported by those.

I think the firstChar and LastChar in the TEXTMETRICS is not mentioning the first Glyph and last glyph of the Typeface.

That’s probably true, but I can’t see any other way of discovering those values…