How to flip Left <> Right

New to Juce. All I want to do is put a plugin on the stereo bus in protools/logic and have a large button ie 2" x 2" if possible so I can have the mouse click without having to focus the eyes on too much to press it. Click once to Flip Left/Right and click again to flip back to normal. (2 Buttons would not be ideal as you would have to look at the screen to find them each press). Ideally have the button change color some simple visual to show flipped state at a glance. It must not affect audio quality. How easy is something like this for a complete novice at Juce? Anyone know a demo that exists in the Juce examples that I could easily modify? Protools would need an export for AAX and Logic needs AU. Any tips appreciated!

Very easy.

Use Projucer to create a new project, of type Plug-in / Basic. There’s your basic framework for a plugin, which you can easily modify (by default it won’t do anything to the audio).

You’d want to replace the contents of NewProjectAudioProcessor::processBlock with some AudioBuffer operations to switch the left and right channels of the buffer that is passed to processBlock.

And your Editor could just consist of a large ToggleButton.

You could use a Component attachment to connect the button in the Editor with the Processor. But if you’re not interested in the saving the state of the Left <> Right switch, or making it automatable in the host, then it would be simpler to just make the Processor a Button::Listener.

If none of that makes any sense to you, I would recommend doing at least the basic audio plug-in tutorials here.