How to force quit a plugin grammatically?

I’m working on an auto-updater which basically works by downloading the latest installer off of a server if it detects a new version available, and I’d like the plugin to tell users it’s going to close and run the installer so the user can update the app. I have most of it working, but force closing the plugin is causing leaks and also closes the daw it seems… I’ve tried with various different windows methods and I’m sure I’ll struggle with mac-specific commands as well…

Maybe my approach is no good, can someone chime in with any advice?

The plugin isn’t always running in it’s own process (it’s running in the DAWs process), so without some kind of wrapper around the plugin I’m not sure how you could achieve this. Also imagine it happened during a scan of your plugin and then from the hosts point of the plugin unexpectedly disappears, this would probably get your plugin black listed by the DAW!

Thanks, I’ve adjusted my approach to make it work better: now I have a popup that asks the user to close their DAW to update, and when they hit “ok” it just launches the installer and I let the user close out their stuff. Less headache, achieves the same result. If they love the plugin as much as I hope they do, they’ll do the update :stuck_out_tongue:

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