How to get Reaper's playback status

Hi, guys.
I’m using juce::AudioPlayhead::PositionInfo to get Reaper’s playback status.
It works well when I click Play or Pause, but when clicking Stop, the plugin can’t get the information and do what I want it to.
I wonder whether there are some methods can meet my need. Thanks.

No, you will have to turn your plugin into an ARA plugin, with that the processBlock is called without a moving playhead for the ARA Editor Renderer instances.
But implementing ARA will not be trivial at all, I would avoid it if not absolutely necessary.

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We have a timer callback that checks if the processBlock function has been called in the last second, and if not (and it was previously getting called) then we assume the transport has stopped and then reset anything that is based on the transport state. Works for Logic, and should work for Reaper as well.


Thanks for the information Howard! I’ve tried to use getPosition method to check if the playhead’s position changed, and it works for me.