How to get the default output device

Yea, this sounds good!
I wasn´t aware of the profit of prepareToPlay. It seems until now, this works fine.

But, is there a way to allow a maximum buffersize? The SDK allows only a maximum of 1024 Samples.

:arrow: Thank you, that you helped me out!!

Agh! No more about the damned buffer size, please!! Not only can you not control it, but the size you get may not actually be the same for every callback - the value in prepareToPlay is only a vague maximum size. The audio device or whatever is calling might decide to suddenly throw you a different sized block for its own random reasons.

Basically, stop trying to control it, and just get on with writing a decent bit of code that handles whatever data arrives. If your algorithm can only accept a fixed block length, then use a reservoir of samples to buffer what you send to it.