How to intercept plugin AudioProcessorParameter data outside of plugin host?

I am working on Arduino project. I want to make MIDI controller for my own purposes.

And I have big problem with mapping parameters from Logic Pro X. There is something like Control Assignment, with “learn” function. And that’s fine. But it doesn’t send any info to my Arduino device about parameter initial value. I am going to use rotary encoder or motorized slider to control plugins parameters. So without initial value of parameter the “learn” function is useless.

Of course there is something like Midi Environment in Logic, where I can transform any fader change to MIDI CC. But it is pain in the ass to set all of that every time I want to control any slider. I thought about some script which do that for me, but Logic Pro doesn’t support any script language.

But when I was designing AU plugins I remembered there is something like JUCE::AudioProcessorParameter. And it is understandable for any DAW to use automation, saving etc.

So it looks like it’s some standard communication protocol. So I wonder if my external Arduino device can catch in some way some basic data from AudioProcessorParameter?

As I can imagine, that “basic data” which I need is current value of the parameter and some track ID on which plugin is inserted, and probably insert ID (in case I have more plugins on track).

For any help great thanks in advance.

Best regards

I made some research about that, and many people say something about Mackie Control standard. But it looks like it is relevant only for controlling DAW built in parameters in mixer, transport bar etc.
But nothing about plugins parameter controlling. That’s why I written that post.

Of course I know I can design my own plugin with JUCE library in such way I can send midi messages or any other.
But now I am designing MIDI controller, so I want to be able to control any AU and VST plugins which have automatable parameters.
And as I understand if both AU and VST use the same ‘AudioProcessorParameter’ class, so probably it’s some multiplatform standard.
That’s why I hope there is some method to intercept data from those parameters.

Please tell my am I right or wrong?

For any help great thanks in advance.

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