How to make a vocal chop instrument?

Hello, I’m just starting to learn C++ and Juce, I’ve been watching videos and posts almost everyday for the last 15 days.
I’ve learned how to create basic plugins like effects and basic synths, but I don’t know how to start my main idea, wich is create a vocal chop instrument, like “Exhale” or “Arcade” from Output.
I just need to assign different vocal samples to each note of the keyboard, that’s all. And also it will be good if I can add different banks to it so I don’t have to use always the same samples.
I’d appreciate a lot if someone could guide me of how to start this, what do I need to learn, what do I need to read, etc.
What I’ve learned from now is the basics of C++ and I’ve seen almost every video from this playlist:

Thank you, and sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

since you’re watching josh’s playlist i’m pretty sure you’ll run into one of his videos about importing wav files soon. then you can import your libraries of vocal chops and experiment with it. You’ll probably run into problems like:
“how to loop a sound on playback and at the correct host tempo?” for that josh has some videos about making a metronome which is a similiar problem.

“how to resample the sounds (pitching)?” learn linear interpolation and you’ll see what you can do with it.