How to make jucer file specify configuration "Use IPP Libraries" in VS2019

Yes, I can cobble together the includes and the paths to the appropriate libraries to make use of IPP on windows. If you are just using VS2019 outside the context of JUCE, it is trivial - the configuration for a project has a setting “Use IPP Libraries” and the include paths and library file loads are generated automatically. Is there any setting in the jucer file that will enable IPP libraries in the VS configuration they way you would when compiling manually? I don’t want to have to set this every time a new VS project file is generated.

Ah. That’s what’s going on. Thanks for the tip.

BTW you still can download the single IPP component, but download-links are a bit hidden on the website

But is it using the old paths and flags? I’m pretty sure not :slight_smile: (didn’t check though)

No - unfortunately not (at least paths), I just wanted to share that information :wink:

But on Mac, i simply created a link, to ensure the old path is still accessible
sudo ln -s /opt/intel/oneapi/ipp/latest /opt/intel/ipp

That’s what I ended up doing as well