How to make plugins backwards compatible to Windows 7?


Used to building on Mac. Are there any simple instructions to make plugins backwards compatible to windows 7 using visual studio 2019 on windows 10? Doesn’t seem as straightforward as in Xcode!


There shouldn’t be anything special to do, Microsoft has been pretty good on the compatibility between Windows versions. Did you encounter some actual problem? It’s of course possible they’ve changed something in VS2019 that could make builds done on VS2019 not be compatible on Windows 7 by default. I can’t test that myself because I am still on Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2017. The usual problem with Windows builds not working on other machine’s than the development machine is that the executable is expecting the Microsoft C++ runtimes to be installed on the system. (That can be avoided by statically linking the runtime.)

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Great thanks, I guess it is a runtime issue! Needed to add that into the build anyway!

I was wondering if I had to set the correct windows target platform value and platform toolset in Projucer.

For me it has worked in Windows 7 to use target platform “latest” (whatever that means…) and platform toolset v141. (I suspect the default platform toolset would be different in Visual Studio 2019, though.)