How to output audio from dynamic library project?

To sum up my problem, Unity’s audio system sucks.
The latency is horrendous (on iOS in particular).
I want to write a Juce dynamic library that bypasses unity’s audio system entirely.

I have already written a Unity Audio Plugin that loads SFZ sample libraries and it works.
But simply converting the Juce project type to dynamic library doesn’t output any sound. I can only assume that’s because it isn’t hooking into the audio device loop.

I’m just a bit lost on where to start. All of the Juce examples seem to assume that I want to write a DAW/Unity plugin. But I just want to write a DLL that outputs some samples to the default audio device.

Sorry if my question is too vague or based on a complete misunderstanding. I’m still a novice audio dev.
Thanks for any tips pointing me in the right direction.