How to pass an Array(like Array<uint8>) to javascript function?

I want to make something with an array in a javasctipt function, but don’t konw how to pass an array into it. Does anyone knows? Thanks…

Have you tried Array<var>? I don’t think specifically typed Arrays like Array<int> would work.

No, not yet. I had passed a string to the script by using JavascriptEngine::execute( const String javascriptCode). Does it right?

That doesn’t pass a String to the engine, it’s the JavaScript code you want executed.

Thank you very much.

String defaultFunString = {
"function factorial(n)\n"
"	/*  do some with n and return a string */;\n"

String returnStr = "var str = factorial(\"  Hello World \")";
String getStr = "demo.getVar(str)";
jsEngine.execute(defaultFunString + returnStr + getStr);

I use it in this way, maybe I am wrong. In other words, which function can provide or change javascript function’s arguments?

Using the JavaScriptEngine is unfortunately quite involved. Here’s an example :

void test_js_engine()
	JavascriptEngine je;
	// this code doesn't really "execute" anything yet, but it prepares the "test" function
	// to be called later from the C++ code
	auto r = je.execute(R"(
function test(a)
	for (i = 0 ; i < 4 ; i++)
	return "done";
	if (r.failed())
		// parsing the JavaScript code failed, so no reason to continue further
		std::cout << r.getErrorMessage() << "\n";
	// all this is quite messy, but no way around it...
	Array<var> arr{ 0.1,0.444,0.55,-3.33 };
	// convert the variant array to a single var
	var vararg = arr;
	// convert the variant into NativeFunctionArguments
	var::NativeFunctionArgs args{ var(),&vararg,1 };
	// finally, we can call the JavaScript function!
	auto jsresult = je.callFunction("test",args,&r);
	if (r.failed())
		std::cout << r.getErrorMessage() << "\n";
		// display the function result string and the modified array
              std::cout << jsresult.toString() << "\n";
		for (int i=0;i<vararg.size();++i)
			std::cout << vararg[i].toString() << " ";
		std::cout << "\n";

Ok, I get it. Thank you so much.:smiley: